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I’m Savannah Bell—the Bell behind The Systematic Bell—and it’s good to meet ya! As a New York City-based theatre lighting designer by day and OBM for photographers by, well, other days, I understand more than most the tightrope-walk between science and art that comes with working in a creative field. But I also know that when one or the other is neglected, disaster strikes.

For photographers, the act of managing a business can often fall by the wayside in favor of creativity. And let’s be real: that can work just fine for a while! I mean, as long as the galleries are beautiful, what do clients care if your task management system is outdated (or nonexistent), right? But over time, those “sorry I haven’t responded to your emails” Instagram stories become more regular while client check-ins become more irregular. And before you know it, you either feel like you’re drowning or you’re struggling to fill slots on your booking calendar.

OBM for Photographers

That's where I come in!

I partner with photographers to help you run your business like a REAL business and discover all that free time you were promised when you became your own boss.

Journeying with clients from panic to renewed passion and purpose is nothing short of the adventure of a lifetime for me! And it doesn’t hurt that it gives me the unique opportunity to connect with inspiring photographers like you from across the country! Don’t be surprised if I have a story to share about a time I was in your hometown. I’m kind of travel-obsessed with over 140 American cities, 13 countries, and 5 continents already checked off my bucket list!

When I’m not working as an OBM for photographers, I’m probably challenging my partner to a game of cribbage, meeting my friends at Hold Fast for a mouthwatering dinner, or just wandering around New York City to people-watch with my favorite gluten-free dessert in hand. Or, let’s be honest, I’m playing with the latest in project management software and technology. Can ya tell I’m a massive nerd about this stuff? And that works out great because it means you don’t have to be!

But enough about me! It’s you and your business I’m dying to learn more about! So, let’s get your short-but-sweet consultation call booked to determine how we can best bring you that stability and sustainability your sensational business deserves.

What is it you do exactly? - you

Business Coach? OBM for Photographers? Systems and Strategy Consultant? I blend many roles to help you build your business!

I know what I do might seem confusing at first. This is probably the first time you’ve come across anything like me and what I do! So, let’s break it down a bit so you can decide if this experience is the one for you.

I work one-on-one with photographers to help them build a stable, sustainable foundation for their businesses that reduces the amount of time you spend ON your business so you can more fully enjoy the time you spend IN it. Yep, I’m talking about all those email templates, workflows, and client management systems you’ve always been meaning to whip into shape but just haven’t had the time to nail down. 

Through a tailored experience, you and I will work together to address the most pressing needs in your business with creativity and strategy without forcing you to fit a predetermined mold. Your business isn’t cookie-cutter, and neither are you. So, let’s work together to create an approach that suits your style, needs, and clients without losing a single ounce of what makes you so special.


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I wish every entrepreneur could have a Savannah.
She has helped me organize my life and systems in so many ways. Even if we have a slow week, just knowing she's there makes me feel better and lights a fire under my ass to work harder and do the things I've been putting off for years. She has given me even more of my life back, and there is no price tag that can show that value.
- Sydney Everett | Sydney Gail Photography

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Your Mid-Year Check In mini session | We all know life gets in the way and often by the time we’ve hit July we have to refocus & find a new sweet spot.

These are highly interactive live calls hosted twice a year. Included is a guide, guests, and TONS of valuable action steps.

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