Am I ready for the Photographer’s VIP Day?


Am I ready for the Photographer’s VIP Day?

When you think about ‘outsourcing for photographers’, what comes to mind? Hiring a social media manager? An assistant? A bookkeeper?

How about a VIP Day with a systems specialist?

Hi! I’m Savannah Bell, a strategic partner for photographers who want their businesses to thrive while reclaiming their lives! Photography strategy & systems for your behind the scenes is my ultimate specialty. I’m here to help you

I offer a VIP Day Experience for overwhelmed photographers who are ready to invest in their future and take back their time. 

Check out The Photographer’s VIP Day HERE.

So how do you know if you’re ready for a VIP Day?

I believe there’s three very important questions you need to ask yourself before making the big decision to book with me.

  1. Am I clear on my why? Making sure you’re clear on your ‘why’ is wildly important, because without it, there’s no foundation to your business. When challenges come your way, your ‘why’ is what keeps you going. During the VIP Day we’re going to ensure every aspect of your business ties back to YOUR vision and your why. So we need a solid start here.
  2. Have I figured out what’s working for me, but can’t seem to grow beyond that? I like to encourage photographer’s to spend at least a year experimenting with what type of photography, what style, what you enjoy the most, what you enjoy the least. Do mini sessions work for you? Are you more of a weddings only type of photographer? Once we know what’s working for you, we’ll identify what’s stopping it from growing.
  3. Does it feel like there simply isn’t enough time in the day or week? If you believe you’re taking all the right steps but still coming up short, if it feels like the only next step is to outsource then it’s time to look at those business systems. What are we missing? What can we add or subtract? How can we take it to the next phase – a balanced business & life.

As a strategy and systems consultant who works exclusively with photographers, I reserve a select number of spots per month for my VIP Day Experience. This is to ensure we have ample time to create a tailor-made business system that works just for you! 

What type of photographers am I looking to work with?

  • Photographers who are passionate.
  • Photographers who are ready to create their own unique business and not just copy that larger photographer they admire.
  • Photographers who are ready to feel free, yet focused.

I am here to create a long-term relationship with you. I want to see you through this first step of taking your hobby and truly owning it as a full business. And then, I’ll be here for any further support you need. From outsourcing your PicTime shop to setting up your CRM & fully automating that client experience. The VIP day is just the beginning of a life-long teammate through the life-long client collection.

What do you need before a VIP Day for Photographers?

  1. A clear vision and your why. This goes back to the first question I asked you, “Am I clear on my why?” I’m here to help you determine your priorities and create a sustainable path with you. I can’t declare your goals for you. So get crystal clear on your vision and your why.
  2. Data. You need your Packages list. Your current client experience, defined. We’ll be auditing your business to start, but if we don’t have the information to audit then we won’t have a place to start and grow from.
  3. Focus and consistency. My VIP Day Experience is not a “set it and forget it” thing. After setting up the perfect business strategy and tailored systems, it’s your consistency that will determine your growth. But don’t worry, I’m here for any edits & updates as life goes on.

I promise you all the hard work is worth the effort!

By the time we’re done we won’t have just nailed down your project management system – we’ll have developed a clear mission with aligned goals to elevate your brand and business. 

Back to the beginning question:: outsourcing for photographers – After you have your business defined and systemize, you may find you don’t even need to invest in outsourcing like you thought you did before!

Why wait to get your business and your life back? These moments are too precious to miss – it’s all just an airtight project management system away! 

Click here to zip on over to my Inquiry page – I’ll be in touch in 48 hours or less to schedule your consultation. Talk soon!

Here for you always,

Savannah Bell




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