raving reviews are possible.

Enter stage right, the


It’s no mystery that your client experience is the number one most important aspect of your photography business. 

Let me assist you in establishing, building and creating a custom client experience that perfectly aligns with you and your vision!

You know something needs to change...

But you Just don't have the time to make it happen.

Having an airtight client experience, from inquiry to session date and beyond, is the ticket to go from crickets to raving reviews and return clients!

If you’ve been feeling stagnant in your business and are ready to take things to the next level, allow me to introduce to you the Client Experience Design Session – a chance to work with me 1:1, in just a few hours, to revamp and perfect your own unique client experience!

What the design session Includes

client experience design session

P.S. It’s like a mini session designed for you, a photographer.

Audit & Redesign

First we break down and audit what you're currently working with. Then comes the revamp, where we create the perfect workflow for your new and improved client experience!

Strategy & Marketing

Take these two hours with me to dive deep into the world of systems and utilize my expertise to build out the behind the scenes of your client experience with you! We'll beef up your own systems so that these extra client experience steps don't take extra time on your end.

Clear Next Steps

Laying out your new workflow isn't the only step to revamp your client experience. You'll also leave with a clear direction, specific list of steps and the confidence in your capability to implement this new experience yourself for your business!


Hey, Hey photographers!

I’m Savannah Bell—the Bell behind The Systematic Bell—and it’s good to meet ya! As a New York City-based theatre lighting designer by day and OBM for photographers by, well, other days, I understand more than most the tightrope-walk between science and art that comes with working in a creative field. But I also know that when one or the other is neglected, disaster strikes.

For photographers, the act of managing a business can often fall by the wayside in favor of creativity. And let’s be real: that can work just fine for a while! I mean, as long as the galleries are beautiful, what do clients care if your task management system is outdated (or nonexistent), right? But over time, those “sorry I haven’t responded to your emails” Instagram stories become more regular while client check-ins become more irregular. And before you know it, you either feel like you’re drowning or you’re struggling to fill slots on your booking calendar.

Iceland 2020

Limited Time Offer

only eight spots available!

Systematic Bell | branding session

The Client experience

Design Session

Investment : $197

2hr Zoom Intensive Includes: 

  • Current Client Experience Audit
  • Custom Design of the New & Improved Client Experience for 1 Offer
  • Visual Workflow
  • Email Templates for Your Workflow
  • Systems Strategy & ToDo List to Simplify Required Backend Work for You
  • Small Marketing Strategy

Add Ons Available: 
1 Workflow +$100
2 Workflows +$200

Are you ready?

My Client Experience Design Session Is Not For Everyone.

This is NOT for you if you find yourself thinking:

  • I can’t guarantee dedicated time to work on my business.
  • I don’t know if I’m ready or able to invest money into my business right now.
  • I’d rather hand off a task to someone instead of working together.

My Client Experience Design Session IS for you if you find yourself thinking:

  • I’m ready and willing to work with an expert to up level my business!
  • I will make myself available and focused however I need to, to improve my business!
  • I can’t afford to NOT invest in my business at this point!


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