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Every business needs, no matter how good at systems or customer service you are, an outsider’s eyes on your backend systems. 

Workflows are my specialty. 

After working for a handful of tours where a list of 600 pieces had to get safely installed and moved into a theatre in less than 6 hours with only 50 people, I developed the skill of looking at the bigger picture, seeing the holes, and inserting order where it was needed.
Let’s work together to figure out where the cracks are and where we can streamline some of your business to provide more time for you.

Let your backend systems get your time back!

How much time do you spend:

  • Reacting to inquiries – writing a “Hello, thanks for inquiring” email?
  • Editing contracts, creating invoices, sending them individually to each project?
  • On back & forth emails trying to decide date, time, and location of the next shoot?
  • Reading through emails to find that tiny detail about the Bride’s father?
  • Tracking contracts and invoices?

Let's get your time back, together.

  • Customize your client experience for each type of service you offer.

  • Set up the perfect client relationship and tracking system customized to how YOU operate.

  • Create a standard workflow that each client will go through, ensuring that nothing is ever forgotten.

  • A business that runs itself, minus that magical editing and artistic touch you have.

  • Create a custom workflow visual that you can print and follow along yourself for all the steps of a project, not just HoneyBook’s.

  • Have more time to do the things you love and are best at within your business.

  • Trust your business’s systems to be able to take that morning off to spend with your family, or even a vacation weekend.

My HoneyBook Related Services to get you up and running in no time.

HoneyBook in a Day

Whether you’re brand new to HoneyBook or you’ve been using it for a few years. This is the perfect package to ensure you’re full HoneyBook is set up and being used to the fullest!

HoneyBook in a Call

You’d rather do it yourself, but you need that outside perspective to find where things are lacking.

*This is a wonderful budget friendly option!

Template Downloads

Coming Soon!

*This will be a wonderful budget friendly option!

I’m so glad you’ve asked! I’m going to walk us through the day in this HoneyBook package. At the end you’ll see frequently asked questions, the packages, & add ons.

Your Homework

Okay so yes. I have a few questionnaires and thought exercises for you to go through first. We do this to make sure you get the MOST out of your HoneyBook package.

The Morning Kick-off Call

In about 90minutes we'll meet and discuss the realm of HoneyBook and what will be set up for your business that day! Here you can ask any questions and I'll be getting the final details on what you need for success. We'll set up your Scheduling Links, Project Pipeline, and walk through my HoneyBook Audit steps to ensure you've got all your settings set properly for you.

HoneyBook in a Call: Your day ends here! But that's okay! You'll receive a customized Workflow starter pack and To-Do list that will set you in the right direction to do the HoneyBook implementation yourself!

My Work Day, Your Spa Day

After I've got all the juicy details from our Kickoff call you'll be off on your way to a day off! (I highly suggest booking yourself a massage. You deserve it!) During this time is when I'll implement all things HoneyBook.

HoneyBook in a Day: What's included in your Full SetUp day is 2 Workflows and all the templates needed for them, plus any extra basics that still need to be set up.

End of Day

By the end of the day you will have a beautiful email awaiting you that has all of your Workflow Breakdowns, Templates Created, and a beautiful walk through video by your favorite VA (me).

Follow Up

Included with all of my HoneyBook packages is one month access to me via email for any follow up questions or edits. Depending on the support needed a 30min video call check-in will be available.

What is your time commitment?

Your time commitment will only be the zoom meeting in the morning and filling out a few questionnaires/any prep time you’ll need in order to have the information needed for me to begin. I’ll send over all of this as soon as you’ve committed! 

What about pictures/graphics for the brochures?

WONDERFUL question! I am no graphics designer. I do suggest you share your own photos and graphics so they can be up to your quality, however, in order to make brochures prettier I’ll often hop into Canva and create a quick little header. In that zoom how – to I’ll show you how to replace it as well if it’s despicable.

Do you write copy for all of the above?

Some of the copy is provided entirely by you, such as the contracts. However, I’m more than happy to help create copy for the emails. In our pre VIP day homework I’ll send over a few standard email templates that you can edit and I’ll update during implementation.

How soon can we do this?

I am typically able to create time for a Honeybook Day within the following week of receiving all of your information! After you return your questionnaires I’ll send a scheduling link and we’ll get started!

HoneyBook in a Day

Full SetUp or CleanUp
$ 1296
  • Morning 1:1 Time
  • Getting The Basics
  • CleanUp/Organizing what's already there
  • Calendar/Scheduling Setup
  • Project Pipeline Customization
  • Contact Form
  • 2 Workflows Setup with Email Creation
  • Template Creation - 2-3 Brochures
  • Template Creation - 2-3 Questionnaires
  • Default Email Edits
  • 1 Month Follow Up Email Access

HoneyBook In a Call

1:1 with me
$ 224
  • Morning 1:1 Time
  • Getting The Basics
  • This is your time. We can go through the whole program and create a task list for you, or we can walk through what a good Workflow would be. If you can dream it you can ask it!
  • Your Next Set of ToDos
  • WorkFlow Template
  • 1 Month Follow Up Email Access

After our call, if you’d rather me fulfill that to-do list we’ll create a customized day package just for your needs!

Step 1:

Fill out the Inquiry Form

Step 2:

Pick Your Package

Step 3:

Do your Homework

Step 4:

Secure a Date