How to Survive Busy Season for Photographers


How to Survive Busy Season for Photographers

Hey, hey Photographers,

2022 is claiming to be one of THE BUSIEST of busy season for photographers! Are you ready for all the madness of busy season? Has it already started?? To ensure you don’t get overwhelmed and burnt out, I want to encourage you to incorporate three simple steps into your life right now.

Let’s break them down.

Step One: Write down ALL of your priorities.

This means for every facet of your life – family, friends, personal, business and goals.

Some examples could look like:

  • Take 30min daily to move my body in order to clear my mind. This is a priority because I know when I do this, I’m able to accomplish more work at a higher quality and quicker speed.
  • Hosting a birthday party for my child. This is a priority because in years past I’ve had photoshoots scheduled and missed these important milestones.
  • Stay consistent on social media. This is a priority because I don’t want the drop in inquiries that I had last year.
  • Hold Holiday Mini Sessions in November instead of December. This is a priority because I’ll have more time to edit and won’t have to pull all nighters and miss time with family and friends.

Keep this list next to your computer at all times. Read it, adjust and add to it if needed, at least once a week. And while you’re at it, take a moment to reflect on your year thus far with 15 Reflection Questions for your mid-year business check in.

Busy Season for Photographers

Step Two: Take a look at your work schedule as a whole and break it down into time blocks. 

An example of this could look like:

  • Let’s say you have five weddings and six portrait sessions scheduled for the first month of the busy season. On average it takes you 15 hours to edit from a wedding. For a portrait session it takes you 8 hours on average to edit. If you do the math, that’s approximately 123 hours for JUST editing, based on your sessions for the month. 

Based on this information, what you would need to do is ensure the following month is lighter on sessions so that you have sufficient time for editing. You want to make sure you allow yourself enough time to stay on top of things, so that you don’t get overwhelmed and behind on your work and being able to send out all the beautiful finals to your clients! 

At the end of the day, breaking down your sessions and editing sessions into these time blocks help your awareness. If you’re a planner, use this to plan out your priorities, editing due dates and marketing times now. 

Now I know busy season for photographers can get so filled up that looking at things like this may just add to the stress, so if you hate planning, use this to look at things from a birds eye view. Be aware of what’s coming your way and write down ideas on how to take other things off your plate during the busy season. 

Wedding Photography

Step Three: Stay organized.

Dedicate a time to set your priorities and tasks for the next day or following week that can remain consistent. Oftentimes we spend more time trying to figure out what it is we have left to do than the time it takes to actually do ‘the thing’. 

Don’t forget to use your CRM (HoneyBook, Dubsado, 17 Hats) to keep track of your clients and where they are within your client experience! 🙂

If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect plan to make it through your busy season, reach out to me about my Mini VIP Day! During a two hour call we’ll create a custom plan for your busy season and set up a system that helps you flourish! Yes, it really can be that simple. Let this systems specialist help guide you through the mess of planning for your busy season! Click here to inquire. 

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Here for you always,

Savannah Bell



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