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Start 2024 with the clarity you need to have your best business year yet, plus an adaptable plan tailored specially to you! The Photographer’s New Years Planning Session gives you the space, support and guidance over the course of pre-zoom homework and one collaborative call to build out your vision that you desire for the coming year.

Pre-Zoom Homework

On your own time

Edit & Cull 2023

December 28th, 2023

11am - 3pm

Create Your Preset

Mindset + Strategy

Visions done YOUR way

Adaptable, Unique, Personal

This is not your stereotypical goal setting session! Roadmapping what the new year will look like for you is going to include mindset work, plus the strategy required to actually make it happen. 

Goals can bring ill feelings…

You aren’t here to set expected financial goals or to book a specific travel destination. You’re here to create your own definition of success, tie your business to your why and create your own personalized roadmap that you are truly confident in!

By the end you’ll have a clear understanding of what you want, why you want it and a personalized plan to ensure you’ll get it. It’s all within reach.

Bust through barriers…

Especially when it comes to finances, these topics can feel overwhelming! But there’s no need to stress yourself out. 

In just two days (and with all the support you could ask for) get a crystal clear picture of your 2023 financial breakdown and where you spent your time. Knowing these specifics are non-negotiable to get yourself on the right track to have an amazing 2024.

Finances don’t have to be scary, hard or time consuming! I want you to feel confident dealing with your business numbers. My method is made to be super simple and give you that “aha” moment where it all clicks once you connect to your why!


Remember Friend,

You are not alone.

The most important aspect I want you to walk away from this planning session with is the fact that you are not alone! One of the biggest reasons I created The Photographer’s New Years Planning Session is to bring Photographers together to learn from each other in a collaborative environment.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or new to the scene, we all have something we can learn from one another, so we can grow together! When we create the space to support one another and build each other up, everyone benefits. 

This is a judgment free zone and there is more than enough room for everyone to discover their own definition of success.


the reviews

I felt encouraged to actually set goals. You encouraged me to write down big dates which actually made me plan out nearly all my mini sessions for the year. You encouraged us to take it one thing at a time. And I felt encouraged to believe in my value, especially after breaking down pricing!
- Corrine elaine photography

How it Works

Edit & Cull

There will be a guided video and workbook all about reflecting on 2023. We do this through mindset work AND strategy. In this video we'll work through (on your own time) reflection questions, re-discovering your why behind your business, values supporting your business and prepping your finances/time for a full on 2024 understanding.

Create Your Preset

The Collaborative Zoom is where we really let loose and explore the dreams we have for 2024. After getting that picture crystal clear in your mind, we break down these dreams and goals into achievable sized chunks - creating the big picture, while allowing the space to adapt as you go! Here we'll also dive deep into those finances, time and roadmap for 2024

The Power in Community

By joining the live session you have the chance to participate in a group dynamic and receive heaps of support as you work through these big topics! I cannot say it enough - you are not alone in business! Give yourself the gift of support.

3 Investment Options

Ready to Attack the New Year?

Do it the artist way

What you get…
– Dedicated Planning & Audit Time
– Vision & Values Done Your Way
– Reflection Time & Guided Questions
– Finance & Time Breakdown
– Goal Reframing & Prioritizing
– 2024 Roadmap
– 6 Week Planning Method with Adaptability Techniques

Guided by:

– Digital Workbook & Interactive Spreadsheet
– Your Research Obsessed Photography Biz Specialist.


the topics

A Few Of Our Takeaways in 2021

Have we met?

i’m Savannah. The Photography Behind the scenes expert.

As a New York City-based theatre lighting professional by day and OBM for photographers by, well, other days, I understand more than most the tightrope-walk between science and art that comes with working in a creative field. But I also know that when one or the other is neglected, disaster strikes.

 I partner with photographers to help you run your business like a REAL business and discover all that free time you were promised when you became your own boss.

Journeying with clients from panic to renewed passion and purpose is nothing short of the adventure of a lifetime for me! And it doesn’t hurt that it gives me the unique opportunity to connect with inspiring photographers like you from across the country! Don’t be surprised if I have a story to share about a time I was in your hometown. I’m kind of travel-obsessed with over 140 American cities, 13 countries, and 5 continents already checked off my bucket list!

frequently asked questions

I truly believe the best value comes from attending the session in person so that you can get immediate feedback and dedicated time in the moment. However, there is an option to add a replay to your package! You can opt to have the replay for the whole 2024 year. Included in the replay package is 2 weeks of email support for any direct questions you may have.

This year’s session is built on top of last years. There will be similarities and additions with more research and resources from my own growth in 2024. It is still extremely useful to join us again this year. A healthy reflection and planning session every year will allow you to be sure you stay aligned with your why and stay on your unique path.

There is a whole recorded Guided Video before the session. I’ll walk you through the reflection, vision and values section so that you can take your time reflecting on 2023. Before the session you should also gather your calendar & finance numbers from the year. Aka your average package pricing and total income/expense numbers from the year. Ball park guesses are totally acceptable!

Absolutely! I would say one of the most successful and unique values of this planning session is its diversity amongst its photographers. Newer photographers get the chance to see behind the scenes of those ahead of them and more established photographers get the opportunity to see things through fresh eyes. I firmly believe that everyone has something to learn from everyone. The community aspect to this planning session is it’s number 1 value.

Aim for about 2hours of reflection time at some point before the in person session. The session will be 4hours. Worth every second.

the reviews

she transformed my business and helped me book 4 new clients in a week!
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The Investment

Just the session

$ 32
  • Perfect for the Photographer who will be there in person and ready to attack the new year by the horns.

The Growth Session

$ 97
  • Benefit with an added 1:1 session with Savannah to see even more growth.

best value

The Replay

$ 48
  • You're ready to attack the New Year on your own time and alone, feel free to attend and also gain access to the replay for the entire year.

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