Who am I looking for?

I am looking for growing photographers, are ready to collaborate and bring on a TEAM member, not just a task master. I thrive working with photographers who are ready for a bit of a backboard to bounce their ideas off of, and help them (You!) grow those ideas into dreams, and those dreams into reality.

You should be:

  • Looking for support in getting the systems that run in the background set in stone.
  • Ready to tackle those 2021 goals, or to discover what they are!
  • Excited for the organization and drive behind this Taurus.

You should be:

  • Looking for support in getting the systems that run in the background set in stone.
  • Ready to tackle those 2021 goals, or to discover what they are!
  • Excited for the organization and drive behind this Taurus.

Monthly Support

My monthly support is in high demand and unfortunately I only have so many hours in my weeks, so currently I do not have any Support hours available. If you’d like to be added to my waitlist please inquire as usual. I’ll do my best to give you an estimate time when I might be available for monthly support.

However I do have a few openings for strategy calls!!!

For now check out my other offerings to see if I can support you with a systematic service in the meantime! 

Are you ready for a full-on, loving, team member? I am sooooo ready to meet you and see if we’d be a good fit!

Step 1: Inquire!

Step 2: Schedule an introductory meeting with Me.

Step 3: We’ll start with a trial package of 10hrs (This is to make sure we’re a good fit and to help us decide how many hours of support you need in one month).

Step 4: Together we’ll decide and commit to a set number of hours every month!

Step 5: Utilize the best teammate relationship you could ever dream of and MAJOR accountability.

*Not your average VA – I go above and beyond your tasks as a teammate.

*Constant Accountability

*Admin Support and System Creation

*Launch Support

*Copy Writing – Newsletters, Instagram, Blogs, Emails, & More

*Social Media Scheduling/Marketing Planning

*Really anything (minus facebook)

*Business Strategy Sessions available twice a month for an extra fee.

*This is a 3 month commitment between you and I. I will reserve the amount of time decided and you can use as much of it if as you’d like. However, since you are reserving that time from other potential photographers, your hours do expire at the end of every month.

*My monthly clients receive top priority in my calendar, so that we can insure you get everything you need done in an orderly fashion.

*Upon my availability: You may purchase additional hours if needed for any given month.

I’ve found that sometimes all a photographer needs is a backboard to bounce ideas off of and get focused on their next step. That’s what my monthly or bi-monthly strategy calls are for. You can add these on to a monthly package or just have it as your full monthly support.

*Full Teammate: $420/month

12hrs/month | ~3hrs/week

*Sidekick: $280/month

8hrs/month | ~2hrs/week

*Your Buddy: $150/month

4hrs/month | ~1hr/week

** Make it VA Plus for an extra $160/month and I’ll include 2 strategy sessions a month to keep your business moving forward towards your goals.

*Strategy Calls Only: $85/call

HoneyBook In a Day

Calling all Photographers using HoneyBook as their CRM! Are you using HoneyBook to it’s Fullest? How much time does each client’s backend take you to insure a unique, detailed, and attentive service?

Whether you’re considering starting to use HoneyBook or have been using it for years, let me take it over for a day to ensure you’re getting everything out of it that you can!

This is for those just getting their business started in Honeybook! OR have been using it for awhile but need some clean up.

*Kick Off Call: This gets us started!

*Getting the Basics: Inputting the personalized info about you and your brand.

*Cleaning up your HoneyBook, deleting the old and organizing the used.

*Calendar/Scheduling Setup

*Project Pipeline Customization

*Contact Form

*Workflow Creation – 2 Workflows that included template creation as needed:: 2-3 Brochures & 2-3 Questionnaires

*Emails: I’ll customize the default emails and emails needed for workflows.

*1 Month Email and Edit Support

Value that will last a lifetime at a steal of a price: $1296

This is for those who simply want guidance on how to make HoneyBook work harder for their business themselves.

*1:1 time with me! ~About 2hrs~This is YOUR time to ask me any questions! Whether that’s a how-to or my suggestions based on what I’ve seen be successful.

*On-boarding Audit: Take me through your current on-boarding system and I’ll tell you how to make it work more for you by using the systems and details HoneyBook has to offer. 

*Workflow Creation Strategy, complete with a visual and HoneyBook Step breakdown with template email copy.

*Task List Creation – so you know what you’re doing next

*One Month Email and Edit Support

Start with this and decide yourself if you need me to finish that task list: $224

As a HoneyBook educator I have a tremendous amount to offer you! If you’d like to dive deeper about my HoneyBook packages visit my HoneyBook Page.

PicTime/Pass Online Store

Within 2 weeks my first client made $119 off of the first wedding our automations were applied to.

That’s only a total of 15 weddings to pay this investment off with money made passively!

If you’re using either PicTime or Pass as your gallery service, did you know you could create a healthy passive income by applying the campaigns & automations to your galleries?

I’ve taken the time to learn the ins & outs of these two online stores for you. 

Sounds nice doesn’t it?

Step 1: Inquire

Step 2: I walk you through all the campaigns/automations available. I leave my suggestions on the table, you fill out which and what you’d like.

Step 3: On a chosen available day all the copy and automations will be completed and ready for your approval.

Step 4: Approval & Gallery templates

Step 5: Passive Income. 

My standard package includes a workflow for 2 main types of galleries. Each gallery template can have up to 4 automations within it customized to that gallery type. The most Common is a Wedding Gallery Workflow & a Lifestyle Gallery Workflow

Standard Package: $1800

**Add on Holiday Specific Campaigns :: $600/each

**Add on another Gallery Type :: $800/each

Project Management

Do you need assistance getting your biz out of the sticky-notes phase and organized onto a Project Management Tool?

You’ve heard about Trello, Click-Up, Monday.com, and so many more. You know you’ve outgrown your handy notebook, sticky notes, and google doc. But Project Management tools look daunting and you don’t even know where to start.

Let’s sit down together, figure out which platform to use and then get you started on a system that will work and improve your workflow forever.

P.S. This is my absolute favorite thing to do, should you ask for this beware of the total nerd I become.

Step 1: Inquire and we’ll set up a call to chat to make sure this is what’s perfect for you.

Step 2: Give me all the deets. Run me through your day/week/biz.

Step 3: I’ll give you my top 3 options/choices of what I would do in your shoes.

Step 4: You’ll choose, I’ll implement

Step 5: You get to see my beautiful face all over again as I walk you through your new backend business set up.

I can get you set up on a::

*Task Management system on Trello.

*Marketing Planning on Airtable

*Big Picture Goals, Vision, & Brain Dumps on Trello, Asana, ClickUp, or even Notion (our new favorite)

*Honestly, the possibilities are endless. What matters most is what you end up with is something that you will USE.

Depending on how many systems you want set up, the price is customized to you.

Project Based

Do you have one big project that really just needs that extra hand?

Let’s say you’re not needing ongoing support but you’ve got 10 blogs backed up and you just want that big push to get them going. This is perfect for you.

My project based packages are sets of 10 hours that expire within 2 months. Which means we’ll get that project done in 2 months, or even faster. Should your project take longer than 10 hours then another hourly package can be added on based on availability.

This is my standard hourly package and availability largely changes from month to month.

Hourly Rate: $38/hr

What's Next?

It's as simple as 1, 2 , 3!

Step 1: Inquire by filling out the contact form.

Step 2: You’ll be prompted to pick a time to pick a time for your initial call with me! I like to make sure that we align and we’ll be a good fit as a team before we take any further steps.

Step 3: We’ll select the right package for you, pick the date for your project, and be right on our way!