The photographer’s

VIP Day Experience

You tossed away the 9-to-5 to live a life of freedom. But somehow, you’ve ended up working 24/7. Sound familiar? Then, my friend, we need to chat. 

I know what it’s like to pour your heart and soul into work. I’ve experienced the chaos that comes when passion and work become one. But, let me tell you: it’s essential that you separate your work life from the rest of your life. Because how else are you going to be present and truly enjoy the moments you’re living?

My all-day VIP experience is designed for overwhelmed photographers just like you. With expert strategy coaching and tailor-made business systems guidance, you’ll walk away with more than just a slick new business plan—you’ll walk away knowing that you’ve invested in your future.

what you’ll receive

Business systems that will help you reclaim your time.

A tailored-to-you strategy that fits like your worn-in camera strap. 

The clarity and consistency you’ve been chasing for years.

The confidence to show up daily as the unique business owner you are. 

The belief that you really can do it all.

It’s all possible through a VIP day!

I valued being heard, seen and understood…

Savannah helps you rethink, reorganize and situate your business into a place where you can step back and see all the moving parts with more clarity and creativity. Savannah listens to you and respects your business where it’s at, while pulling you forward to the best it can be.

– Sarah DeShield
Enowen photography 


The Investment

Starting at $1432

Your four-to-six-hour VIP day isn’t just about nailing down your project management system—it’s about developing a clear mission with aligned goals to elevate your brand. By auditing the essential behind-the-scenes tools of your business, including your client experience, marketing, financials, and daily/weekly schedule, I’ll help you identify specific problem areas. But I won’t leave you hanging there! We’ll then create and implement systems in each area to conquer any concerns we’ve uncovered! You’ll leave your VIP day with clarity and confidence, equipped to charge into an exciting new season of business.

the FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

q: What do you mean when you say "business systems?"

a: In short, your business systems are the series of processes that make up your business! They branch into every area of your business, including client experience, marketing, and all that day-to-day, behind-the-scenes busy work. Using business systems, we can bring consistency to content creation for social media, blogs, newsletters, and more. We can clarify and improve every step a client takes on their journey with you. We can even help you make a clear roadmap to achieve your big goals through small, daily steps!

q: So, what exactly is a project management tool, and why do I need one?

a: When set up properly, a project management tool serves as your home base for all things business! It will be the place you begin your day, collect client information, and even perform some of your business tasks for you! The purpose of this tool is to eliminate wasted time and lost information while helping you move steadily toward achieving your dreams. Get ready for your brand new project management tool to blow your mind during our VIP Day!

q: Is the VIP Day a full day on Zoom?

a: My VIP Days typically last 4-6 hours. However, I build in frequent breaks, so you won’t feel like you’re stuck in a classroom all day! And trust me: once we get going, the time REALLY flies!

q: I feel kind of weird talking about money, Do you have advice?

a: That’s completely normal! A lot of people feel a little more uncomfortable when money talk comes up. But I promise to make even this part of the VIP Day a blast. Share any worries you have with me so I can ease them right away. As with every portion of your VIP Day, being honest and upfront is always best.

q: After the VIP Day, is there a way to continue working with you?

a: Yes! I offer a lifelong client collection at multiple investment levels, so we can find the perfect one to suit your needs. I’d be happy to share the options with you during your VIP day so we can plan what’s next!

More in depth answers here:

tacos y tequila!

Prefer a Long-Term relationship over a single-day intensive?

Let’s explore an ongoing project

If a one-day project isn’t your style, I also offer a very limited number of retainer client spots at several investment levels. Whether you’re looking for additional strategy calls, blog editing help, maintenance of your system, or something else in the strategy or systems realm, I have a collection for you! Zip over to my contact page, and let me know you’re interested in learning more about the retainer options. Then, I’ll be in touch with additional information in 48 hours or less!

Why wait to get your business and your life back?

These moments are too precious to miss

Retyping emails that could be automated and struggling through business systems that don’t fit YOU is more than annoying. It’s a waste of all the moments you could spend living a life you love. Game nights with your best friends, watching the sunset from your rooftop, or even just getting an extra hour of sleep every night—it’s all just an airtight project management system away!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get your freedom back!

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