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Let’s get ahead of the year

July & August Specials

It’s busy season…

And THEN all of a sudden it’s November, you’re editing your heart out and realizing you should have planned for the end of the year this past summer…

Let's find clarity & passive income.

Have you been dreaming of a end of the year special?

Or just someone with knowledge (but no bias) to talk to?

Look, you’re not the only one in November trying to juggle editing, family time AND some last minute boost of income. And running a solo creative business is HARD work. So let’s just be honest with ourselves and invest in something this year that sets you up for success for years to come without any more work than a 90 minute call this July or August.

What the PicTime Set Up Includes

client experience post photos

P.S. It’s like a mini session designed for you, a photographer.

Store Pricing

PicTime's "default" pricing is not pricing that is designed to sell to the average client. So let's adjust it to your audience, ensure you're making the profit $ you want to make and choose exactly what you prefer to offer.
You'll answer a few questions, I'll do all the work.

Strategy & Marketing

We'll dive into the experience you want your clients to have post photos. Do they receive the whole album? Do they get 10% for the first 10 days? How long until their gallery expires? I'll give you all your options, you'll choose what works best for you and I'll do all the work.

Clear Instructions

I'll leave you with a clear view of exactly what your client goes through, how you adjust/change in the future and any other questions you may have.
Plus... I'm here to be your teammate forever, so, just reach out if you ever need an update!


Strategy Sessions

Sometimes we just need a moment to chat things out with someone other than our partner or another photographer. Having a go-to strategy teammate can help get you out of the cycle of questions, doubts and the overwhelming decision cycle. BUT our online industry has made coaches unaffordable beyond our dreams...

So let's prioritize a friendly conversation that will be a perfect soundboard just for you and your business.


Hey, Hey photographers!

I’m Savannah Bell—the Bell behind The Systematic Bell—and it’s good to meet ya! As a New York City-based theatre lighting designer by day and OBM for photographers by, well, other days, I understand more than most the tightrope-walk between science and art that comes with working in a creative field. But I also know that when one or the other is neglected, disaster strikes.

For photographers, the act of managing a business can often fall by the wayside in favor of creativity. And let’s be real: that can work just fine for a while! I mean, as long as the galleries are beautiful, what do clients care if your task management system is outdated (or nonexistent), right? But over time, those “sorry I haven’t responded to your emails” Instagram stories become more regular while client check-ins become more irregular. And before you know it, you either feel like you’re drowning or you’re struggling to fill slots on your booking calendar.

Iceland 2020

Limited Time Offer

July & August 2023 only

Systematic Bell | branding session

PicTime Set Up

Investment : $397


  • PicTime Store Revamp & Edit – Pricing, Store Choices, Product Choices
  • 1 Workflow with 3 automations – IE: Wedding Gallery with Early Bird Discount, Anniversary Sale and Gallery Expiration
  • How-To Guide for the future

Add Ons Available: 

Black Friday or 24hr Sale +$47
1 Workflow with 3 automations +$100


OBM for Photographers

Strategy Call

Investment : $60/session


  • 60min zoom call with me!
  • My input, ideas & brainstorming about any business topic of your choice.
  • Follow up research & task list based on your needs.

Why this special offer?

I'm ready to bring collaborative growth back to the artist's industry.


After taking six months away from the business and focusing on myself, my health and my own art, I’m ready to be back. But in a different way. 

I’m here to help artists, not profit from them.

I’m here to share my ability to combine strategy and art, not dictate or influence the “right” way to run your business.

I’m here for the community.

This is NOT for you if you find yourself thinking:

  • I can’t guarantee dedicated time to work on my business.
  • I don’t know if I’m ready or able to invest money into my business right now.
  • I’d rather hand off a task to someone instead of working together.

My services ARE for you if you find yourself thinking:

  • I’m ready and willing to work with an expert to up level my business!
  • I will make myself available and focused however I need to, to improve my business!
  • I can’t afford to NOT invest in my business at this point!


Not sure what you could outsource?

Grab my 44+ Tasks a Photographer Can Outsource