Top 15 Questions to Reflect On Before Your Busy Season Begins


Top 15 Questions to Reflect On Before Your Busy Season Begins

Hey Hey Photographers, June/July brings us to a perfect place for a photography mid year reflection. We’re halfway through our calendar year, in the slightest slow down during busy season and looking forward not stopping for the rest of the year.

What is a mid year reflection and why is it so important? 

Just like I hound the importance of taking CEO time and reviewing your business and finances regularly, the same is true for taking a more in depth look at the overall picture of your business and how it’s doing around mid-year. It allows you to see what’s working and what’s not. What goals you have and what you need to do in order to hit them by the timelines you’ve set for yourself.

But, I know it can be tricky to ask yourself the right questions in order to get to the bottom of these things! So, I’ve created this handy list you can use.

My Top 15 Photography Mid Year Reflection Questions To Ask Yourself 

  1. How am I truly feeling? Am I excited, tired, burnt out, creative, bored? Allow yourself to disconnect from technology and write a type of diary entry for this one. Dive deep and really allow yourself to be honest with where you’re at with your feelings.
  2. What were my yearly goals I made back in January? Where am I at with each of them?
  3. What percentage of my clients this year have been ideal clients? 
  4. Does my marketing feel aligned? Or is it feeling forced? Maybe even non-existent right now? During the busy season, how can I adjust things to maintain consistency and spend less energy?
  5. What’s my goal for my marketing for the rest of the year? Time some time to jot down your current numbers and where you’re at now vs where you want to be at the end of the year for future reference.
  6. Financially, where am I at on my yearly goal? What are my current expenses? What is my current profit?
  7. Financially looking forward, what is my anticipated income for the end of the year? Is it where I want it to be?
  8. What matters most in my life right now? Is it different than in January?
  9. What’s my definition of success in life right now? Again, is it different than in January? 
  10. What’s working right now? Think about this in relation to marketing, time, drive, etc.
  11. What isn’t working right now? Again, think about this in relation to all aspects of your business.
  12. What am I most looking forward to this fall and winter?
  13. What does my current schedule for busy season look like?
  14. Do I need extra help during busy season to prevent burn out or falling behind? Think about what areas of your life would be most beneficial to have help for during busy season.
  15. What’s the number one thing on my mind at this point in the year?
Photography Mid Year Reflection

The Next Steps:

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  2. Head to the next two blogs to help prep yourself for busy season even more:
  3. If you’re ready for a professional’s help in enhancing the behind the scenes of your business, head to my VIP Day and inquire! We’ll find out if I’m the right fit for you!

Here for you always,

Savannah Bell



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