What is Project Management for Photographers?


What is Project Management for Photographers?

If you’ve checked out my Instagram or perused my website I know you’ve seen ‘Project Management Tool’ written out more than once. So you may find yourself thinking, ‘What is a Project Management Tool? I just don’t get it. What exactly do you do Savannah?” 

What is a Project Management Tool?

“Project management tools are defined as a tool that assists an individual or team in organizing and managing their projects and tasks effectively. The term usually refers to project management software you can purchase online or even use for free.”


If you like the corporate/proper world learn more here.

But put in simple “Savannah” terms. A project management tool is the software that stores all of your business systems and information. It’s a tool that helps keep your business consistent and running with purpose.

Project Management for Photographers

What can a Project Management Tool do for Photographers?

Okay.. So what can Photographers actually do with a project management tool and why do I preach about it? For incredible visionaries like you, it’s basically a way for you to plan and schedule your entire life, turning overwhelming mountains of goals into bite size (and totally achievable!) action items.

Let’s break it down:

  • First & Foremost: A project management tool will become your home of ALL things business. You’ll start your day here, after you grab that cup of coffee. And you’ll end your day here celebrating all the incredible art you created. There will be separate sections for every aspect of your business and life. It’s all laid out, beautifully, simply and perfectly organized for you to add, cross off, and keep track of anything you could possibly think of.
  • Documentation. – My favorite part of a project management tool is that it can keep all things for your business in one place. Keep your why, vision, and values under the same roof as your finances and client tracker so that you never forget your reason and values for doing what you do. It’s also the perfect place to keep your location scouting spots, creative concepts and future investments! It makes it so much easier to come back and reference whenever you need it.
  • Task Management. – Gone are the days of endless sticky notes, phone alarms, text reminders and bugging your significant other to remind you. With a designated project management tool you can easily add to your seemingly never ending to do list as a business owner. Organize it by the days of the week, by project, by category, prioritized, or any other form of organization that works best for YOU.
  • Goal planning – Have you felt stuck in the same rotation for awhile? Do you have goals, for your business, for life, for education, for anything that aren’t ever actually met? This is what project management tools were designed for. With a proper system set up inside you’ll meet that next finance goal AND learn that new editing technique.
  • Education planning – Remember when I said educational goals? Stop feeling the desperate need to sign up for every photography course available the instant you learn about it because you’re afraid you’ll forget it. Here’s a place to store future investments, current courses, notes, and so much more.
  • Client experience – Only the most important part of your business. Organize your clients projects in sections. Never forget what stage each client is at and what steps are next. It’s all right there in your home base. Never forget that added album or to schedule an engagement shoot again. You’ll be one step ahead of your client experience and have more time on your hands.
  • Content creation – I’m telling you, project management tools can really do it all.A project management tool is perfect for marketing. You’ve heard that every piece of content can be used at least 3 times. Keep your social media posts, blogs, newsletters and creative shoots all in one place to easily pull from so you can reuse that stunning work and quit wasting time! And with that…
  • Collaboration! I know you’re dreaming of the day when you’re no longer doing this on your own. But have you thought about what it will take to truly onboard a teammate? When you have a well organized project management tool it’s that much easier to start your outsourcing journey as your beautiful photography business grows! Send your virtual assistant or social media manager to your home base so that they can pull what they need for their work, without bothering you when you’re out doing what you do best, capturing memories.


Why do Photographers need project management tools in Their business?

Simply put, you are a visionary. You are a creative. Most photographer’s brains are not programmed to keep track of all that businessy stuff I just outlined above. That’s where project management and this tool comes in. To make it easier for you to live your best visionary & creative life, while your business stays consistent and organized.


Project Management Tools – the tool part 

Now, there are hundreds of project management softwares out there. You might see advertisements for them occasionally. Monday.com, Trello, ClickUp, Notion, etc. Everyone you ask is going to have a very strong opinion about their project management tool and why it’s the best. But the most important part about a project management tool is that it works for YOU and that you actually use it. The tool itself is not the defining factor of success.

Finding the right project management tool for you can take months in trial and error. And that’s not why I wrote this blog. I’m not looking to onboard your task list with yet another large to-do. But I do firmly believe that a fully tailored business project management tool can take Photographers from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to free and organized.

*deep breath*

What’s Next?

This is why you came to me! My friend, I am a systems specialist. This is what I do! This is my zone of genius, like photography is yours.

When you choose to invest in your business and your future and work with me, I choose a project management tool with you that best fits your style and work. I typically work off of these top 3: Notion, ClickUp or Trello. 

The purpose of my Photographer’s VIP Day is to make your life and your business the most efficient it can be. I deliver the clarity and consistency you’ve been craving. I work WITH you to create and implement these systems in each area I’ve listed above and conquer any concerns that we’ve uncovered during the process. 

By investing in my VIP Day, you not only eliminate wasted time and lost information, you take a huge leap towards achieving your dreams, with me by your side, my expert strategy coaching and tailor-made business systems guidance. 

If you’re so ready to learn more and take that leap into investing in your business, learn more here.

If you’re hoping to just keep educating yourself about it all and hoping for a bit of a DIY, then you’re in the right place. I share Photographer Systems tips weekly on Instagram and go even deeper in my newsletters and this blog. Sign up for my newsletter to be notified when some new, hot info has dropped.

Here for you always,

Savannah Bell



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