Work Life Balance as a Photographer


Work Life Balance as a Photographer

I know during busy season it can be hard to remember to prioritize yourself. But you started your business to give yourself freedom of time. Don’t forget to enjoy your own special moments this holiday season in the midst of winter hustle and wedding editing! And if you’re struggling with starting, I hope this list for work life balance as a photographer helps get the ball rolling. 

Dedicate a specific time every week just for you.

This means for YOU. Not family, friends or clients. Find a time that works, whether early in the morning or late at night. Find a simple way to practice self care during this time. Coffee, a book, whatever feels good to you and helps you recharge.

Analyze your finances.

How much do you actually need to hustle this winter? Figure out the best way to meet your financial goals. Do you need or want to offer Holiday Minis? Would you prefer a couple larger sessions? Get clear on the specifics.

Remember to breathe.

Take a rest after your last wedding! But, don’t let this turn into procrastination. Your goal should always be to create balance, so you’re not ever feeling burnt out. Don’t allow yourself to get behind on editing or other important deadlines or events. 

Write out your work life balance priorities. 

  1. What family moments this fall and winter season do you want to make time for? 
  2. What are your own wishes for yourself? These are personal wishes, not business related.
  3. What things do you want to improve in your business in the coming months? What will help you start Q1 off on the right foot?

Now schedule it all.

Writing down your wishes and goals is only the first part. Action is what gets things done. Plan it all out and give yourself realistic timelines.

And remember, doing more doesn’t always equal more productivity or give the best returns. Your best is delivered when you are taken care of first. Bottom line.

work life balance as a photographer

Want to dive even further into work life balance as a photographers? 

My New Years Planning Session is returning bigger and better than before! Last year, we had a phenomenal small, but mighty group of Photographers. All who brought incredible strengths to the table. The thing that made this planning session so special and different than others, was its personal touch. It was a community effort and I plan on that being the core of this years as well.

I can’t give out all the details yet, but get yourself on the waitlist and be the first to know when new information drops! The session will be held on zoom in late December.

Expect to:

  • Analyzing your finances for the entire year
  • Creating your own personalized 2023 Roadmap
  • Reflecting on everything from 2022

& more!

I can’t wait to see you there and help you in planning out a successful, happy and balanced 2023!

Here for you always,



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