A photography OBM employing tailored systems to boost you from hobbyist to thriving business owner.

You’ve worked your freaking butt off to build a breathtaking photography business. You’ve refined your art, nailed your client experience, and established a brand you’re proud of. So, why do you feel like you’re just…stuck? Trust me: it’s not you, and it’s not your art. I believe the problem truly lies in your systems and strategy, and I can’t wait to bring you the solution!

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The Photographer's FOUR Day Work Week

You left your 9-5 to have control of your life, but you’re working every. single. day. Check out how to only work 32 hours a week.

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Photography OBM. Systems Specialist. Your Business’ Secret Weapon!

i’m savannah bell, a strategic partner for photographers who want their businesses to thrive while reclaiming their lives.

Ready to say “see ya never, ever again” to forgotten check-ins, missed inquiries, and those 1 a.m. email reply binges? Ready to blend strategy with art to confidently charge into the next phase of your business? Then, you’ve come to the right place! I’m an expert at helping photographers like you create systems that will help your business flourish without losing the intimate, personalized aspects your clients adore. By diving deeply into your unique brand, approach, and personality, I can help you navigate the murky waters of building your business’ essential foundation like a pro. 

You document life’s most precious moments for your clients. Now, let’s make sure you can truly enjoy those once-in-a-lifetime moments of your own! You deserve so much more than that constantly overwhelmed feeling living rent-free in the pit of your stomach. You really can have a thriving business alongside the life you left your 9-to-5 for. And together, we can get you there so quickly it’ll blow your mind.

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Yep, it’s true! A single day is all we need to give you the stability you’ve been desperate to find. Through your custom-fit VIP Day, I’ll design a squeaky-clean project management system, business strategy, and financial plan just for you. And don’t sweat for a second about getting all the nuts and bolts set up—I’ll get your personalized project management system and business strategy mind-map up and running before you can say “automated email.” 

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Working with you has been the single best investment I have ever made for myself and my business.

Another thing I love about working with you in the opportunity to hear your ideas and input for my business. Sometimes i’m so deep into my own business I can’t see in from the outside and hearing your perspective helps open new doors and ideas for me.

You have given me even more of my life back, and there is no price tag that can show that value.

-Aja White | Fur&Lace Photography

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Discover Your Dream Career

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Free yet Focused Photographers

New Years Planning & Mid-Year Check In

THE Photographer’s December Planning Session | Edit & Cull through your year, audit your pricing, and set your goals for the next year with your fellow photographers.

Your Mid-Year Check In mini session | We all know life gets in the way and often by the time we’ve hit July we have to refocus & find a new sweet spot.

These are highly interactive live calls hosted twice a year. Included is a guide, guests, and TONS of valuable action steps.

Refocus & Refresh

A rebellious business community for the overwhelmed & uninspired


The Community

A joint community with Fur&LacePhotography: whether you’re a brand new photographer or have been in the industry for years, there’s a space for you here, always. In our R&R community, we have monthly education themes, monthly live masterminds as well as a whole education library covering lightroom, time management, HoneyBook navigation and SO much more. Click the button below for the full details of what your membership includes!

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