5 Things You Need Before You Outsource as a Photographer


5 Things You Need Before You Outsource as a Photographer

When to outsource as a Photographer? Making the choice to outsource in your photography business is a big one. Investing the money, trusting someone with all your hard work and learning how to properly communicate are all things that may pop up when you worry about how to go about it.

As someone who works with photographers and also outsources in my own business, I wanted to compile a list, so to speak, of things to keep in mind and help you prepare for when you choose to outsource.

What you need before you outsource:

Why are you outsourcing?

The answer can’t be “I’m behind on work and too busy.” What will outsourcing help you succeed in doing? What benefits will you get from making the choice to outsource? Really think about why you feel the want or need to outsource. 

Ensure you have the time.

The process of onboarding someone to your business, teaching them the ropes and learning how you communicate together all takes time. Yes, after all of this gets figured out, outsourcing will save you tons of time and energy. But, before all that you will have to prioritize the time it takes to get there. It can be a stressful process, especially if you’ve never outsourced before. Make sure you have the time and brain space to handle it.

Create a business to-do list.

Take a general work week and write down every single task that you do. Keep it with you at all times. Once the week is up, circle what you hate and highlight what you could let go of (ie: what you wouldn’t mind not having full control over.) This will let you see all of your responsibilities laid out and help you realize what you enjoy doing and what you don’t. Once you have this list and see the tasks you’d like to outsource, you’ll be able to start looking for someone who has the expertise to handle it! (Remember, not all social media managers, copywriters or virtual assistants do the same tasks. Everyone has their own area of expertise and it may take a while to find someone who meets the criteria you’re looking for.) 

Create a ‘Business Summary’.

This is honestly something that’s beneficial for you to have on hand for yourself. But, it’s an absolute necessity when it comes to outsourcing. Things to include in your business summary would be your mission, vision and values. Plus all the tools you use in your business. (Make sure you include login information too!) I like to call it a business dashboard: Check out this blog for more! You can make this simply on google docs or set up a project management tool like Click Up, Notion or Trello.

Remember patience and communication.

Bringing someone onto your team is hard. Finding the perfect fit for your needs and wants is even harder. Know that things won’t be perfect on Day One (maybe not even with your first choice.) But you have to be able to voice your opinions and talk clearly and directly with the person you hired, otherwise they have no way of knowing what they’re doing wrong and how they can better work with you. Outsourcing requires effort, work, communication and patience from all parties involved, or it won’t be beneficial.

when to outsource as a photographer

Outsourcing takes time.

This by all means is not an exhaustive list, but it’s a start. Knowing when to outsource as a photographer is a process and you’ll get better as time goes on! Outsourcing has been extremely beneficial in my own business and when it comes to the photographers I work with. Everyone has their own zone of genius and making the choice to outsource ensures you can stay happy in your business, without the overwhelm and burnout. 

Wondering what you should outsource? Check out this blog for a list that can get you started!

And if you’re interested in getting a little help from an outsourcing expert to get your business ready, consider my VIP Day Experience! This is a custom tailored experience designed to fit your specific needs and gets you jump started on the right track to more time freedom in your business! Learn more about it here.

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